What are Studio Apartments?

When it comes to deciding what space will be best for your home, we know you’re faced with countless options. Should you try a two-bedroom apartment? Will it be too much space? What’s the difference between a one-bedroom and a studio apartment? Luckily, at Windscape Apartment Homes we know the in’s-and-out’s of apartment living, and can help you find the perfect space that will fit your needs.

What is a studio apartment?

Unlike regular apartments that can have different rooms with varying sizes and areas of space, studio apartments are actually quite the opposite. Think of the total space of an ordinary apartment and remove the walls, creating a complete open space to reconfigure and organize exactly how you like. With this concept, you’re getting variations of rooms all compiled into one. The design strategies for a space like this are endless! 

Benefits of studio apartment living

The benefits of living in a studio apartment are more than you think. It’s a great option to save money on decorating and maintaining. Because there is a smaller space to work with, it is quite an easy job to furnish. Instead of buying lots of furniture to fill multiple spaces in a home with bedrooms, you can spend money on a few quality pieces that will last you for many moves to come! Utility bills are likely to be lower by heating and cooling one large space, compared to heating and cooling a one-bedroom apartment. Studio apartment living gives you the opportunity to get creative with your personal space and add your style that fits you.  

Common studio apartments you’ll find

While all studio apartments have the same concept, not every studio apartment will look the same. There are unique features and design elements that are catered specifically to the studio apartment itself. From wooden floors, to neat storage areas, there is a space that will match your taste! You may notice lots of vertical space for storage, which gives the opportunity to store belongings and have functionality around or in the area. Don’t be surprised if you find a patio or back porch included with your studio apartment (it’s nice to get out once in a while!).

Things to consider with studio apartment living

When living in a studio apartment, you’ll come to find you’ll face some interesting situations when it comes to existing in a space that has no walls. Being able to see everything in your space can be a great thing or a troublesome thing based on how often you declutter the space you live in now. You won’t have the option to toss any miscellaneous items into a spare bedroom anymore, giving you the opportunity to regularly declutter and organize or slowly let things pile… which we assume can happen fast! It all depends on your personal lifestyle.

With Windscape Apartment Homes, there are so many ways to turn a rental space into a dream home. We offer many choices when it comes to deciding your new home and can help you find the rental property you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to be a part of the community by calling (256) 772-7030. We look forward to helping you find a home.

What Our Residents Have To Say

Good Location, Friendly and Accommodating Staff. Three-year resident. The property is located a single right turn from the interstate, which makes getting to work easy. The staff work with you if situations come up (in my case, passing of family member). The apartments are well maintained, clean, and the facilities are available at most reasonable hours (the gym and laundry I believe are available 24/7). Will probably end up staying till I purchase a home (whenever that ends up…).
Windscape Apartment Resident

Via Apartments.com May 5, 2022


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