The Advantages of Furnished Apartments

Nothing feels better than home. But when the decision of moving becomes a reality because of relocating jobs, travel purposes or simply a finished lease, upgrading at the last minute may be a necessity. The question then becomes, how do I take all of my belongings and adjust to the new norm? Luckily, there are furnished apartments readily available with many advantages residents find to be beneficial rather than their first initial thought of taking personal belongings instead.


Saves You Time and Money

Moving is a stressful time for most as you become a constraint on time. Not only are you faced with packing everything into boxes, but also deciding what to take and what not to take with you. If you are moving across states, it can be costly to rent a storage truck and hire movers. Furnished apartments give you the advantage of saving you time and stress by moving in right away giving you more time to relax and enjoy the wonderful amenities Winscape has to offer. Our low-cost prices also make furnished apartments easily accessible compared to booking a typical hotel room so when you are ready to move out, you will not worry about leaving anything behind.


Accommodating Living Plans

Rather you are a local or move frequently, furnished apartments make living accommodating to your lifestyle. You may be faced with having to sell your current home and moving into a temporary apartment or are undecided about where to permanently live. At Windscape Apartment Homes, we know how busy life can get which is why we offer housekeeping packages for those tight on time or returning home in between holiday seasons for your convenience. Furnished apartments give you the ability to leave unwanted furniture behind, get access to furniture pieces without having to pay the full sale amount at a furniture store while continuing to go about your schedule without the unwanted interruptions.


Hassle-Free Commitment

Whatever your current situation may be, Windscape Apartments gives you the flexibility to choose from hassle-free commitments with short and long term lease options. The major advantage travelers find to furnished apartments is being able to keep your first home while renting a separate apartment for a short or long period of time. You will still feel right at home as our furnished apartments are designed with you in mind. Included in furnished apartments are comfortable bedding and linens plus convenient washer and dryer amenities. Home never feels closer.


If you’re searching for the perfect place to call home, then your search is over. Windscape Apartment Homes is located at 125 Royal Drive in Madison, Alabama. We’d love to take you on a tour! Contact our office to schedule yours today or apply now.

What Our Residents Have To Say

Good Location, Friendly and Accommodating Staff. Three-year resident. The property is located a single right turn from the interstate, which makes getting to work easy. The staff work with you if situations come up (in my case, passing of family member). The apartments are well maintained, clean, and the facilities are available at most reasonable hours (the gym and laundry I believe are available 24/7). Will probably end up staying till I purchase a home (whenever that ends up…).
Windscape Apartment Resident

Via May 5, 2022


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