How Big of an Apartment Do You Need?

When choosing an apartment to rent there are a variety of factors to decide on. Where do you want your new home to be located? What amenities and features are important to you? And, what size apartment should you be renting? When choosing an apartment size there are a couple of things to consider that will make your decision easier. 

How many people will be living there? 

You will need to consider how many people will be residing in the apartment to decide how many bedrooms you will need. Do you see yourself having a roommate? Perhaps, you see yourself living by yourself for the foreseeable future. 

Do you plan to spend a lot of time in your apartment?

Another thing to consider is the amount of time you plan to spend in your apartment. If you travel a lot or work away from the home for extended periods of time you might not need lots of extra space.

Is space or price more important?

If you are looking to have more space in your apartment you will need to consider the price that comes along with it. If your budget is strict or you just want to save more for other activities consider getting a smaller apartment like a studio or a one bedroom. If you like having extra space for guests and doing things in the home consider something larger like a two bedroom.

Will you want a guest room?

If you are someone who has guests over often you know how convenient it can be to have a guest room. Think carefully about this because if your friends and family live close by, you might not end up using the space as much as you think you will. If you have lots of out of town friends and family then you might get lots of use out of the space. 

Will you need a work space or other multipurpose room?

If you work at home, workout at home or have a hobby that takes up space you might want to consider getting the extra bedroom just for yourself. Having a home office, home gym or multipurpose room will allow you to get the most out of your apartment. 

Do you need extra storage?

The bigger the apartment, the more storage you will have. Consider the amount of stuff you have and think about if you could utilize the extra storage space of having a larger apartment. If you’re a minimalist you might not need the space but you’ll be glad you considered it before making a final decision. 


No matter what size apartment you’re looking for we’re ready to help you make Windscape your home. With a variety of studio, one and two bedroom floor plans to choose from, we’ve got the right set up for you, so give us a call today at 256-772-7030!

What Our Residents Have To Say

Good Location, Friendly and Accommodating Staff. Three-year resident. The property is located a single right turn from the interstate, which makes getting to work easy. The staff work with you if situations come up (in my case, passing of family member). The apartments are well maintained, clean, and the facilities are available at most reasonable hours (the gym and laundry I believe are available 24/7). Will probably end up staying till I purchase a home (whenever that ends up…).
Windscape Apartment Resident

Via May 5, 2022


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