Windscape Community Garden

L iving in a rental apartment home often means your outdoor space is extremely limited, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your interest in gardening and growing your own fruits and veggies! The Windscape community garden is now complete! 

The community garden is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors, get to know your neighbors, and have a little fun this summer. Community gardens are also a great way for little ones to see the growing cycle of a vegetable and learn where their food comes from.

The garden will start out with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. There are four large box beds to house the vegetables. Here are some friendly tips on how to harvest the produce and a few ideas for how it can be used. We suggest sharing your produce with friends and neighbors. Looking for the perfect spot? Snag one of the grill areas for a summer potluck. 


  • Harvesting Tips: Ripe tomatoes will be red in color and not too firm. A ripe tomato can be gently plucked straight from the stem with ease. Be sure to wash your tomatoes before eating to remove dirt and any chemicals. 
  • What to UseThem For: Tomatoes are perfect for slicing and adding to burgers and sandwiches. Add some diced tomatoes to a green salad or pasta salad. Make some Caprese appetizers or even a Margherita pizza.


  • Harvesting Tips: Cucumbers can be harvested at any point during their growth. The longer you leave a cucumber the larger it will get, but you can pluck the little ones for snacking.
  • What to Use Them For: Crispy, cool and refreshing, cucumbers are the perfect summer vegetable. Slice them up for snacking, add them to a green or pasta salad, or try your hand at making pickles!


  • Harvesting Tips: Bell peppers are ready to be picked when they have reached about 3.5 – 4 inches in size. They can be gently plucked straight from the plant.
  • What to Use Them For: Bell peppers are ultra-versatile and can be found in many different types of cuisine. They are great for snacking, adding to salads, or sauteing for stir fry! Add some bell pepper chunks to a skewer for a tasty grilled summer shishkabob. 

If you’re interested in participating in the community garden, come by the leasing office to get more information. We are so excited for this new garden to bring our Windscape community together.

What Our Residents Have To Say

Good Location, Friendly and Accommodating Staff. Three-year resident. The property is located a single right turn from the interstate, which makes getting to work easy. The staff work with you if situations come up (in my case, passing of family member). The apartments are well maintained, clean, and the facilities are available at most reasonable hours (the gym and laundry I believe are available 24/7). Will probably end up staying till I purchase a home (whenever that ends up…).
Windscape Apartment Resident

Via May 5, 2022


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