Renter-Friendly Holiday Decor Ideas

The holidays have rolled around and it’s time to grab your holiday decor out of storage to participate in one of the beloved traditions of the holiday season: decorating your home. Living in an apartment community still allows you the comforts of diving into the holiday season with festive decorations for you and others to enjoy. Windscape Apartment Homes has compiled a list to spark your creativity when decorating your rental home. Here are five renter-friendly ways to decorate your home for the holiday season. 

Use an Artificial Tree 

An artificial tree can help provide the same holiday spirit and beauty as a real tree without the mess or fire hazard. Live trees can sometimes be a hassle and you can find yourself cleaning any residue from the tree or even having to handle an insect situation that live trees can bring inside. Not only can you decorate with ornaments and lights the same way you would with a live 

tree, once the season is over, you can pack your artificial tree up and store it for next year. 

Hang Stockings with Care 

If you have a mantle, use it to your advantage. Hang your stockings with care without damaging your space by using weighted stocking holders placed on your mantle. Another great option is to use Command hooks that are easy to hang and remove. Along with hanging stockings, hanging garland or any type of artificial tree greenery will add to the holiday season appeal you’re aiming for. 

No Fireplace? No Problem 

If your rental home does not have a fireplace, that doesn’t have to stop the holiday cheer! One of the easiest alternatives to a traditional fireplace is a floating shelf that’s already attached to your wall, or a counter space that can be utilized for hanging stockings. Another option is to utilize your entertainment center or window. A creative way to hang your holiday items or stockings is to string them up on a ribbon, string or garland with removable hooks. The options are endless! 

Decorate the Front Door 

The holiday spirit can start before anyone even steps inside your home! One of the most well known traditions of the holiday season is decorating the exterior of your home. A classic wreath on your front door can always set the tone for the environment you’re about to walk into. Try adding some garland around your door or even a holiday-themed mat. If you have a porch or balcony, you can take your exterior decorating to the next level. Add some poinsettia to the area, or even Christmas signs or inflatables, to help celebrate the season. 

Hang Lights 

When you think of the holiday season, you may automatically think of holiday-themed lights! Whether your style is traditional or modern, there is sure to be something for everyone. Holiday-themed lights have endless possibilities to light up your space (physically and with holiday spirit!). Besides putting lights up on your tree, try adding lights around your fireplace,

mantle, shelves or even drape strands across the room or line the ceiling. It doesn’t take much to make a big impression! 

Holiday decorations can help transform your space in an instance. This season, get creative with your home with festive decorations to celebrate everything the holiday season has to offer. At Windscape Apartment Homes, we’re excited to celebrate the holiday season with you. To schedule a tour or to view the floor plans we offer, please visit or call our office at (256) 772-7030 today!

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