How To Keep A Strong WiFi Connection in Your Apartment

Wifi is a great way to keep in touch with friends and loved ones, but if your connections are weak or spotty, it can be frustrating. It’s not always easy to get a strong, reliable WiFi connection at times. For example, the walls and floors can sometimes hinder great connection for wireless signals. If you have an apartment that you call home, there are several ways to keep a strong connection. 

Check out these tips for how to keep a strong WiFi connection in your apartment. 

Get the right equipment 

The first thing you should do is buy high-quality equipment that can handle the complexities of apartment living. You may want to consider buying an Ethernet cable and using it instead of WiFi. You’ll need an Ethernet jack in your room and a router that has an Ethernet switch built in so you can plug in multiple devices at once. Also, consider buying a wireless extender that boosts signal strength and range. 

Put the router near an open window 

If possible, place your router near an open window where it will have direct line-of-sight access to cell towers and other nearby routers/access points. This will improve signal strength throughout your home by providing multiple paths. Consider moving your router to a more central spot in the apartment. This will give you better coverage throughout your home. You can also install an external antenna on your router to boost the signal strength at longer distances from the router. 

Check your home 

Check for obstructions like metal or concrete walls that may be causing interference with your wireless connection. Move your router away from these obstructions and see if that improves things. If it doesn’t, try moving your modem or other equipment closer to the router (or vice versa) until you find a location that works better than others. 

Make sure the router is near an outlet 

If your router is plugged into an outlet that’s far away from where you want to use it, then you’re already facing a challenge. You’ll need to move the router or find an extension cord so that it’s closer to where you need it. Moving it closer will help increase the speed of your WiFi signal as well as its range, meaning that more devices can connect with less interference from other electronics around the house. 

Try Ethernet cables 

Use Ethernet cables instead of WiFi whenever possible because they are less prone to interference than WiFi connections. This is especially important if you use devices like cable modems or streaming media players that require a wired connection rather than WiFi access. 

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