4 Tips for Pet-Friendly Apartment Living

If you are the proud owner of a fur baby, you know the love and joy having a pet brings, but you are also aware of the responsibility it brings as well. Many first time pet owners living in an apartment hesitate to adopt an animal because they are unsure how to properly care for it in an apartment space. If this is you, not to worry! You absolutely can transform your apartment into a pet-friendly area and we are here to help. Here are four tips for pet-friendly apartment living for everyone from a first time owner to the seasoned veteran.


Master Controlling Your Pet’s Shedding

Depending on the breed of the animal, shedding will vary. For heavy shedders, brush daily to capture all of the loose fur before it falls. Another important fact to remember, humans aren’t the only ones who need clean sheets! Be sure to wash your pet’s bedding, blankets and any fabric toys. For cat owners, remember to vacuum the tops of cat towers and dust those high up hiding spots. These spaces stay out of eyesight and quickly build up fur. Maintaining the shedding situation will benefit not only your apartment, but any guests that might have allergies.


Invest in the Right Tools

Set you and your animal up for success! Visit a local pet store and browse for any useful tools to compliment your lifestyle. For example, if your job often keeps you away for long periods of time, purchasing an automatic food dispenser will ensure your pet is taken care of while you’re away from home. If you own a pet that likes to snuggle into small spaces, investing in a mini vacuum is the best way to clean every nook and cranny of the apartment. Also, be sure to find a local veterinarian that you can trust, you’ll never know when you will need one.


Have Play Dates with Your Pet

As a member of the family, make it a priority to spend time with your pet in a way that is enjoyable for both of you. A happy pet and a happy owner will create a happy home! If you own a cat, try a game of chasing the laser pointer or having a classic snuggle session. For an active dog, perhaps a run at our pet park, a short walk around the apartment community or a bite to eat on the patio of a pet-friendly restaurant. For socially trained animals, play dates with your friends and their pets are a great way for all members of the family to have some fun!


Prevent Apartment Damage

Keeping an apartment in good condition for future residents (and getting back security deposits) is important! Scratching, biting and accidental potty breaks are all expensive fixes for maintenance to handle at the end of a lease. Ensure your pets nails are well trimmed and not scratching the floors. For our feline friends, offer alternatives like a scratching post or toys.


Training needs to be every pet owner’s top priority when introducing a new animal to the home. From potty training to teaching the difference between the human and pet beds, all rules need to be consistent as to not confuse our furry friends. With the proper preparation and commitment, an apartment can easily become a pet-friendly area!

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Via Apartments.com May 5, 2022


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